The Infamous Facebook Post

A quick bit of shameless self-promotion: I started a Facebook page for my writing a few weeks ago.  If you’re on Facebook and look up “Mario Piumetti Jr.”, you’ll find it under pages.

For a long, long while, I was very hesitant to start a Facebook page.  I suppose I felt the same way with the Twitter page and even with this blog.  But the reality is that writers cannot expect to sit in a room and type all day.  Those days are long gone if they ever existed.

Up until now, I’ve keep people updated on my writing largely through my personal Facebook page.  None of my friends ever said if the frequent updates annoyed them, as though I had nothing else to talk about, but I began feeling that way, so I looked for a way to make my writing life distinct from my personal life.

I also started to realize that I was ignoring a larger audience beyond my friend’s list.  I don’t know exactly how many members Facebook has, but I can say it’s more than five.  I don’t add every single friend request that comes my way, especially if I’ve never before met the person sending the request.  Would you hand out your phone number to just anyone?  I didn’t think so.

So just as blogger and twitter, Facebook is another plank of the platform.

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