Eat the Rich: Day 9

Surprise!  I’ve begun another novel.  I didn’t announce it outright on the first day because I was worried that would jinx the whole thing, but I’m announcing it now.

The book, Eat the Rich, is about a group of young cannibalistic Hollywood celebrities.  If you want to tag it to a genre, it’d probably be horror, but I really don’t know.  More importantly, I really don’t care.  What I do care is that put down sixteen pages last week, and last I checked, it was on page nineteen.  That’s further than I’ve gotten on any other book project since the spring.

In addition to my Truby’s Plot series and whatever else pops into my head, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on the latest goings on with Eat the Rich.  Hopefully, it will give you an inside look at what it’s like writing a novel.  If nothing else, it’ll help me sort through the experience.

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