This last week, I got to page thirty-four on Eat the Rich.  Thirty-four pages doesn’t seem like much.  It’s definitely not a novel, more of a novelette.  It’s still a notable mark, and here’s why.

A novel is usually a minimum of forty thousands.  The industry standard is more like eighty to a hundred and twenty thousand words, and I’m aiming for an even hundred grand.  If I’m over or under that count, that’s fine.  It’s just a target to aim for.

The point is this: in the last two weeks, I’ve reach either twenty-five percent for the minimum forty thousand words or ten percent for the preferred hundred thousand.  Either way, that’s a god chunk of the project.  If I keep at it, I know I’ll get to the end of the draft.

If you’re feeling like you haven’t accomplished much in your own writing, remind yourself that, little by little, the numbers add up.

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