Eat the Rich: Day 17

Been steadily working on the novel with only Saturday and Sunday giving me a hiccup.  I was at a friend’s barbeque on Saturday and had a family dinner on Sunday, so those two events combined didn’t foster much writing time for me.

One thing that I’ve changed since the last update on Eat the Rich was my daily page quota; I’m trying to get in three pages a day instead of two.  Hey, it’d be great if I could get in fifty pages, but there’s only so much that I can do.

I’ve always said that the first draft of anything is the one that sucks the big one.  It’s a philosophy that won’t die any time soon.  Weaving scattered images into a coherent story out of seemingly thin air isn’t easy, so three pages a day is a fair pace for me.  Like I said in my Numbers post, you’ve got to keep a perspective on things.  A few pages a day doesn’t sound like much, but they add up over time.

Steinbeck says you should try to write just one page a day.  I wonder if he’d call me a workaholic.

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