Truby’s Plot: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

In this analysis of Truby’s plot in relation to Full Metal Jacket, we’ve covered how to story connects to each of the seven basic elements of story.  Now we move on to the extra steps.  This can be a bit murky because a writer is free to use or discard any or all of these steps.  I certainly don’t expect Full Metal Jacket to use all of them.

If you look at Truby’s plot points in a list, the first item is self-revelation, desire, and need all packed together.  This might seem repetitive since we’ve gone over them already in previous posts.  You’re right.  It is.

The point of putting these three things together at the very beginning isn’t to learn something new about how the story will evolve.  It’s to give the writer a target to aim for.  Without that goal, you’ll wander around blindly.  For me, putting these elements down on a single note card gives me a convenient touchstone that I can quickly glance at when I need to remind myself what every other plot point is trying to get to.

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