Fools Rush In

I had a magnificent burst of inspiration last night, a real eureka moment where I came up with an idea for an alien story that gave my inner geek the raging nerdgasm it deserved.  I was about ready to drop everything and dive right in.

Then I stopped…

I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Hang on a second.  You’ve already committed yourself to a zombie novel.”  See, this is the problem I’ve had in the past.  I get distracted by a new and fresh idea, and I want to go knock up my imagination before it brings anther story to term.  A friend of mine in college even told me that I was all about the instant gratification, and that ends up working against me, stalling me from pushing on towards a finished product.

So Ain’t No Grave is still on, and the alien story will have to wait until I reach my October deadline.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing either.  It gives the alien story time to congeal in my mind so that when I get to writing it later this year, I won’t be fumbling around with it.

Nice try, E.T., but your glowing middle finger didn’t work this time.

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