To Bitch or Not to Bitch

I was a fan of Chuck Wendig before I ever read his work.  For me, it started with his blog.  I forget exactly how I came across it – I think a friend had tweeted one of his entries – but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is what brings me back to his blog are his “twenty-five” posts; 25 Things Writers Should Beware, 25 Thoughts on Book Piracy, 25 Things I’d Like to Say to My 18-Year-Old Self.

Today, he had a post called 25 Things I Want to Say to So-Called “Aspiring” Writers.  It seemed to give me the motivational boost I needed.

Writing boils down to either being, or not being.  You either do the work, or you don’t.  You’re either writing the story, or talking about writing the story.  You’re either sharpening your skills, or you‘re using the “I’m a writer” thing to score women at the bar.  You’re either living the dream, or crying about how it’s so tough.

In short, you’re either being a bitch (*shakes head in disgust*), or slapping a bitch (*nods enthusiastically*).

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