Recently, a writer who graduated from Antioch self-published her book on Amazon though a company called Lulu.  I filed the news away in the back of my mind, occasionally glancing at it, but last night I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  So I checked out Lulu to see what it was all about.  There’s still more to look at, but the basic idea is that Lulu is a print-on-demand affair.  You place an order for a book, they print it, ship it to you, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Now, I’ve been annoying vocal in my original desire to get Undead and Inhuman (or really any of the recent book ideas I’ve had) out into the world through a separate blog, but using a service such as Lulu has some other benefits that wouldn’t be available to me through the former.

Maybe the biggest benefit is simply getting my work out into the market.  I put a lot of hard work into improving myself as a writer, and like anyone else who’s exerted such effort, I‘d love to see something tangible come out of it.  If I published Undead and Inhuman on a separate blog, it‘s just…Christ, how can I even put it into words?

It just isn’t the same.  Yes, it’s out in cyberspace, but to me it feels no better than spraying graffiti on a building.  I guess I want to be able to look back on this particular story and say, “I did get this published, not that I just piddled with it online.  I actually went out and made it into something a little more real.

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