1 out of 10

Yippee ki-motherfucking-yay!  Today, I hit the ten-percent mark for Undead and Inhuman.  I still got another ninety percent left and several weeks ahead to get it done, but for now I’m just going to bask in the glow of it all.  Come on, glow.  Bask me in warm glow-ness.

But for reals, getting this far into the first draft is great because I’ve gotten through the openings for each of the three main characters.  For me, this first week and those initial ten thousand words were make-or-break for me.  How many times have I told you guys that I hate first drafts?  There are writers who flourish in the first draft and loathe the revisions.  I’m the opposite.  The first draft is like pulling teeth, and the first thirty pages are so are even worse because I’ve got nothing to play off of.  But now I’ve got at least five or ten pages for each character that I can use to get the ball rolling.  The first draft is still going to be tough, but it’s at least that much easier.

Also, to my fellow writers, when you look back on the work you’ve done that first week, it’s a major confidence boost.  On your first day, you start off with a blank page, and that can be intimidating to set out turning that blank nothing into a few hundred pages of something.
  But then you turn around just six or seven days later and you find that you’ve actually gotten quite a bit done.

So congrats to you.  Pat yourself on the back.  Give yourself a high five.  Pour yourself a line of shots.  And get back to work!

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