My Corner of the Catacombs Anniversary

My Corner of the Catacombs will turn two years old next month, and you (yes, you) have a chance to participate.

To celebrate the blog’s
dos años, I’m calling for any and all questions from the readers; questions about the craft of writing, the work itself and balancing it with real life, movies that might annoy me, my favorite sandwich, etc.  The door is open for you the reader to ask me anything.

Then on July 17th on the blog’s second anniversary, I will read and answer your questions.  Me, in a video.  That way you’ll know you’re not talking to Skynet.  At least, that’s the plan.  I’ve never posted video on this site before, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I won’t screw up.

Questions can be sent either through the blog itself in the comments below, or via Twitter or my Facebook page.  The links for both are to the right.

The deadline for questions is July 15th, and the video will be up a couple of days later.  So pick your brains and ask away.

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