Still Twitching

Writing work can really sweep me off my feet in a way I don’t entirely enjoy, and me going dark is one consequence.  So it’s time for me to put on the brakes and take a moment to round up the latest happenings.

Undead and Inhuman has taken up the bulk of my time.  I’m making progress, and lately I’ve been averaging about two thousand words a day, but I’m still dragging my legs on it.  I’ve taken three days off since I started last month, and I‘m about seven or eight thousand words behind.  There’s really no sense in whining or making up excuses.  I slipped, and now I’ve got to do my best in making up for it.

Chocolate, the latest Andrew Ursler story, was published by Arts Collide this last week, but you guys already know about that.  This week, I’m beginning the first draft of the next installment.

I‘m also toying around once again with the idea of doing an online novel as a separate blog.  I know I tried doing that earlier this year (twice), but it’s a challenge that I’d really like to tackle, and I think it’d be a fun thing to do.

I’ve been looking to put a website together as well, a real one.  I mean, writing this blog has been great, and I don’t plan on giving it up, but setting up a website seems like a good way to considate all these other little branches that I have; the blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I’ve never done a website before, so most of today has been me looking around online and learning the ins and outs of it as I see what my options are.

Sooooo…Yeah.  I’m sorry I got all quiet, but that’s just a sign that I’ve been writing more than I’ve been jabbering.

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