Zombies: Day 13

Today, I wrote a whopping…180 WORDS!  Aw, yeah.  That’s right.  180 palabras.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t suck my own dick over that.  Here’s what happened.

Every so often, I like to go to my local Coffee Bean for a chocolate chunk muffin.  It’s one of my simple pleasures.  After getting the day off to a late start, I drove over to the nearest one in Montrose.  They didn’t have it.

So I went to the one in Glendale by the city college, wasting a solid half-hour just to look for parking; plenty of parking, but I simply didn’t have the permit for the spaces.  The college shop didn’t have it.

So I go to the other one in Glendale at the Americana on Brand.  Success.  Sweet choco-joy!  Manna from the bakeries of Hell.  Call it what you will, but I got my fuckin’ pastry.

Satisfied, I went back to the library near my house.  The parking lot was full and I’m thinking, What the hell?  I live in a town of old people and teenagers.  The teenagers don’t read and the elderly got their own homes to sleep in.  What gives?  What gave was that someone got the bright idea of putting on a magic show for everyone’s grand kids.  I cry bullshit but suck it up and begin heading over back to La Crescenta to their library.  That was when I realized that I needed the Inter-Webs today because I had to look up some reference material.

So back to Glendale I go, back to the library with the hour-long parking limit but Internet access for all.  Good for them.  Free the Web.  Power to the people.  Except…they’re packed too!  Not a quiet spot in the Houses of Silence.  What is this?  Asshole Day?

Conceding defeat, I went home, pigged out on a shit-load of comfort food, and then, food-baby gestating in my gut, I was too full to think properly, let alone hammer out twelve to sixteen pages.

I’ll try my luck again tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll have more success and won’t run around like a headless chicken.

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