Zombies: Day 19

I’ve crunched the numbers.  I need to put in five thousand words a day for the next week in order to catch up on Zombies.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that today hasn’t been too bad.  True, I do need to catch up for yesterday as well, and that puts today’s quota at ten thousand words, but I’ve managed to get down a quarter of that with a nice degree of ease.  It got me thinking of something Stephen King said in On Writing:

“With the door shut, downloading what’s in my head directly to the page, I write as fast as I can and still remain comfortable.  If I write rapidly, putting down my story exactly as it comes into my mind, only looking back to check the names of my characters and the relevant parts of their back stories, I find that I can keep up with my original enthusiasm and at the same time outrun the self-doubt that’s always waiting to settle in.”

That’s what if feels like.  It feels today like I’m jacked in and downloading the story from my brain.  I like that.  In the past, I’ve found that the freeway between my brain and my hands on the keyboard are often gummed up with enough traffic to make the roads of Los Angeles look like a quiet countryside.  On days like today when it comes out nice and naturally, it’s a good thing.

On a side note, I’ve got about a dozen candidates down for the book’s official title.  I’m hoping to narrow that down to maybe a field of four or five by the end of the night.

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