No Tomorrow: Day 21

The title of my zombie novel has officially become No Tomorrow.  I had a few other candidates in mind and ran a survey among my friends.  Most of them sided with Infected as a title, but too many apocalyptic stories have used it over the last few years, so I discarded that.

I was at the library today and got quite a bit of work done; two thousand words!  I still got another 1,500 to go for tonight, but it’s still a lot closer to my daily quota than I’ve been able to get in a few days.

I was dwelling earlier on the fact that I’m still twenty thousand words short of where I should be, but then I realized that it’s best not to fixate on that.  I’ll save the big push for the weekend.  During the weekdays, all I can ask for myself is to strive for 3,500 words.

Still, working out of a library has helped quite a bit.  It’s quiet and I don’t enjoy Internet access, which means I’ve got nothing to distract me except for the occasional kid running down the aisles of books.  With long works of fiction, I’m starting to think that maybe a library is the best place for me to work on the first draft.  Subsequent drafts are different because I’ve already got something down in front of me, but when I have to come up with fresh material, I find that it’s best to cut out all the bullshit; as much of it as possible.

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