No Tomorrow: Day 31

I know, I know.  I’ve been dropping the ball on this whole “daily” update thing, but only because I’ve been hitting the pages like a madman.

I’ve been tackling No Tomorrow like there‘s, well, no tomorrow.  Five thousand words one day.  Six thousand the next.  Yesterday, I hit a slight slump and got in only about three thousand words.  It’s funny to say that it’s only three thousand words.  I know that a lot of friends, published friends, have sometimes joked that they’re jealous of how many words I get through.

It’s got its drawbacks though.  Even though I say I’ve got a definitive stopping time, I still end up working for hours and hours through the night, often going to sleep at around four or five in the morning.  But that’s only because I still haven’t received my tutoring hours, so I want to milk the free time I’ve got left for all it’s worth.

I guess you could say it’s paid off though since I’ve written about a quarter of the novel in the last week.  Or maybe about twenty percent, depending on whether or not I’m going to extend the size of the novel and by how much.

But anyways, this has been my office for the last few days: working alone in  room with the lights out because the electricity burns cash.

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