Stuffed Plate

I was looking at my projects list and thought, “Wow.  I triple dog dare anyone to accuse me of being lazy.”  There’s such a ton of writing work lined up that it’s kind of crazy.

First, I’ve got my novel No Tomorrow, which I’m happy to say is coming along nice and smoothly.  Every time I think about how tough the work is and how many words I have yet to go, I just sit back and think about how much of a pleasure it’s been working on it so far.  I am sincerely having the time of my life with it.

Second, I’ve still got the Andrew Ursler series that I’m writing for Arts Collide.  I’ve kind of been kicking myself in the ass over that because I keep putting off starting the next installment, but it is coming. I promise.  Yesterday, I actually went through the list of installments I got coming up and the summaries for each one.  Originally, I had twenty-nine parts to it, but I’ve trimmed it down and canceled some parts that didn’t really advance the series as a whole, ultimately bringing it down to eighteen.

Third, I got the green light to write an essay for Spry Literary Journal.  It’s a short 1,500-word piece on what I’ve learned about doing research for a long project like a novel.  My friend Allie Batts is a reader for Spry and said that the editors had openings for essays and editorials, so I emailed them a proposal earlier this week and they got back to me that they were very interested.  Publication isn’t 100% guaranteed, of course, because, as editors, they have the final say, but the enthusiasm on both sides of the table is strong.  I want to write this, and they want to at least give it a read.  I’m happy with that.

Last but not least, I’m starting a new online series.  It’s venturing into zombie territory again, but it’s something quite different from No Tomorrow simply because I’ll be working with a few other writers.  I’ve very excited for that because I’ve wanted to do a collaboration for, gosh, about two years now.

So that’s what’s going on right now.  That’s the giant roast beast that I’m sinking my teeth into, and hopefully I won’t get indigestion from it.

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