Why This Last Weekend Rocked

As a writer, this weekend has been just fucking awesome.

I keep a calendar book, and looking back on the last few days, all I can see is a tangled net of ink, so much of it that it spilled over the margins and I had trouble telling what was for Saturday and what was for Sunday.

I’m not just talking about my novel either.

My friend Allie pointed me to two literary journals, and I’ve already told you about one of them: the research essay for Spry Literary Journal.  The first draft is done and going through revisions.  Allie also pointed me to Carpe Nocturne, a magazine that caters to dark culture.  This came as a surprise to a lot of people I’ve mentioned it to because I’m not a goth.  I don’t have the steampunk fashion or the skull makeup.

But still, Carpe Nocturne is expanding their horror section that reviews movies, books, and other things in that genre; a genre that I love.  So I got in touch with one of their staff, and they got back to me with submission guidelines, their deadline list, and other paperwork that I have to go over.

The crown jewel of my weekend was attending the Roar Shack Reading Series in Echo Park last night directed by author David Rocklin who’s quite simply an awesome dude, a talented writer, and every time I go to these readings, I feel like I’m at a meeting of the Avengers.  David offered to write a blurb for No Tomorrow once it was ready.  The writing challenge I posted yesterday on Twitter about Lindsay Lohan telling you you’ve got a problem was selected as the prompt for the Live Write.  I volunteered along with a writer named Eric Howard, and we both got such a great response from the audience that we were both invited to come back next month to read.  And we got t-shirts too.  Awesome t-shirts.  Sexy t-shirts.  T-shirts that even Ryan Gosling can’t get a hold of (because he wasn’t there).

To top it off, I had dinner with a bunch of writer friends at this Thai restaurant where I ate…*dramatic pause* shrimp bacon, shrimp wrapped in bacon.  Oh, yes, folks.  Such things exist!

It was like staring at the sun.  This weekend was, in a word, fantastic.

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