No Tomorrow: Day 58

After a long silence, I’m back with news on my novel No Tomorrow.  I’ve been quiet because I’ve taken time off from it, but now I’m taking a look at the first draft and getting things ready for the next draft.

I wrote the first draft by the seat of my pants.  I let the muse take me.  That’s just a nice way of saying that Gillian had a knife to my scrotum every day.  But the threat of my imaginary agent set aside, I wrote as much as I could as fast I could, putting everything that came to mind down onto the page and hoping that it would all make sense at the end.

So now I’ve got all of September to figure out what the hell it is I’m writing.  The first step was taken a few days ago as I went through the manuscript for scenes that I’d want to keep in the next draft, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to just pulp a month and a half of writing.  Only assholes do that.

I’ve boiled things down to three core characters, but right now, the tricky thing is figuring out what the sequence of events will be among them.  Even though I’ve marked down interesting scenes from the first draft, I have a strong feeling that not all of them are going to work.  Some, no matter how much I might enjoy, are going to have to be dropped because they might not mix well with the flavor of the next draft.  Style will play a large part in that, and I’m not sure what the style of this book is yet.

On the bright side, I’ve got an entire month to figure it all out.

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