No Tomorrow: Day 83

I got through quite a bit of plotting today for No Tomorrow, and got back to my old habit of using note cards as a guide.  Note cards are great simply because you can shuffle them around with ease.  A list of scenes works out too, but then you have to keep crossing things out and scribbling on the page when a particular arrangement doesn’t work.  Cards are a way to sort of brainstorm the outline.  I guess I’m a perfectionist like that.

The problem came when I had to think up new stuff.  Yeah, my brain-meat loves to kick back with a cold beer and chillax.  Sucks for you, Brain!  Fortunately, I have an idea of what I want to happen at the end of the book, and I scenes salvaged from the beginning.  So when I get down to it, I had two ends of a bridge built up, and then I just had to cross the gap.  Again, shuffling cards around came in handy when I had to figure this middle part out.  I had a bunch of scenes to work with, but simply had to figure out the best order to put them in.

There’s a little more I have yet to do on the plotting.  The first draft was one long chunk of text without any chapter breaks.  I’m still not entirely sure if I want chapters at all in this book, but I do know that I at least want to divide the plot into sections.  If there are chapters within those sections, so be it, but I’m not going to worry about it right now.

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