No Tomorrow: Day 84

So it begins…Draft 2 of No Tomorrow!

I’ve expanded my projected word count to 150,000 words just in case this thing grows from the Hulk to the Abomination to the Leviathan to Tony Stark’s drinking habit.  As a result, I’m planning on this taking the next three months of my time, or until the year’s end.  That’s okay because when the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, it’ll give me an excuse to think the world is celebrating my accomplishment.  Celebrate the start of 2014?  Psh, whatever.

With a solid 3,000 words down, today’s writing has been pretty easy.  And I expect tomorrow to go pretty smoothly as well.  This is because much of the first half of this draft is stuff salvaged from the previous draft, which means that I’ll be able to free up a bunch of days good and early in case I hit a snag later on when I’m writing new material.  Even then, with the plot outlined, I don’t expect to have as hard a time as I did with Draft 1.

Not that Draft 1 was a dick-punch.  On the contrary, I had more fun writing it than with any other writing project I’ve had in a long, long time.

Still, today, that doesn’t spare me from winding up all wide-eyed and crazy.

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