Frantic: Day 88

When I wrote the first draft of my novel, I think there were a lot of times when I’d write standing up, hoping that the accumulation of lactic acid in my legs would inspire me to step on it and hurry up.  I tried it tonight with a ten-page scene, “God, this sucks!”  It‘s probably good for that first draft, but with the second?  Not so much.

It’s been a really productive week though.  I’m way ahead of schedule and might even take it easy tomorrow.  Not a day off, of course, because that has to wait until the second draft is done, but perhaps just a couple of thousand words rather than the 5,000-word overdose I’ve been doing.

Yesterday, however, I finished off the first of my novel’s eleven parts.  The story is well underway and I’m in that transitional portion where the characters go from skeptical “Zombies?  For real?” to “Oh, crap!  How do we not end up on the menu.”  For sure, in Part 2, I’ve got a new scene to write, one that wasn’t there for the first draft, and if I keep up the present pace, I think I might get to it in a few days.

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