Frantic: Day 100

If every day of writing Frantic were an episode of a TV show, then today as the 100th day would be a milestone.

It’s been just a little bit sluggishI wrote only a thousand words so far over the last two days – but so far I’ve gotten through about sixty or seventy thousand words of the second draft.  I‘m pretty much done with the salvaged phase of the draft.  That is, I’m almost done with the part of Frantic that was recovered from Draft 1.

From here on out, I’m back in rough draft mode coming up with brand new material to get to the end of the story, although there might be a sliver or two from Draft 1 waiting to sneak back in.  Of course, that means that progress is going to slow down considerably whereas I was writing chunks of writing last week.  I’m hoping that this big buffer of wordage will keep me ahead enough to meet my deadline for the second draft (December 29th), or perhaps even finish it early.  I got my fingers crossed.

Of course, I still got the plot outline, so more power to me.  My friend Ashley got back to me saying that she thought the outline looked fine, so if I stick to it and check off the beats as I move along, I should be okay.  I’m not as worried with Draft 2 as I was with Draft 1.

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