The Hotel Thing

A few days ago, my writer friend Rachael posted a question on her Facebook page: what’s your favorite and most productive place to write?  I answered that libraries were the best for me when I’m coming up with new material, some place quiet and with few distractions.  Granted, you still have to wear pants in a library, but still, the quiet and focus is a decent trade-off.

I also know that Rachael has occasionally done the hotel thing where she locks herself in a hotel room for a weekend and does nothing but write, and maybe snort lines of crushed Oreos.

I went away this weekend to Thousand Oaks for a reunion at my alma mater and thought I’d give the hotel thing a try as well.  It didn’t work for me.  Even in the quiet of the hotel room, I found myself distracted simply by being in a new place.  Sure, I got about several hundred words written on Friday night, but nothing last night.  I’m back home now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get more done.

On the bright side, you can’t accuse me of never taking one of those vacation thingies.

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