A friend of my pointed me in the direction of a magazine called Penumbra, that’s posted their deadlines and submission themes pretty much for the next year.  I might be interested in writing something for five of those issues, and in all honesty, I‘m really looking forward to it simply because of the short word count.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy writing.  I really do.  I wouldn’t be doing all of this if that weren’t the case.  But working on Undead and Inhuman tonight, getting to about 45% of the first draft, I damn near shouted, “God damn it!  Finish already!”  Thankfully, I’m in the middle of a local coffee shop and that would be way too embarrassing, but the sentiment is still there.  Penumbra, on the other hand, is looking for submissions running about 3,500 words rather than Blank Fiction‘s 15,000 behemoth.

I wish I knew why I was this antsy over Undead and Inhuman.  I don’t think I ever got like this when I worked on longer fiction, but then again, maybe it has something to do with the approaching January 15th deadline.

Then again, maybe I’m just hopped up on coffee.

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