Promises and Ish

So when the new issue of Carpe Nocturne came out, I dived right in to see my reviews, to let my eyes graze upon the finished product of all my hard work.  The good news was that my review for World War Z did in fact get printed.  The bad news is that my reviews for Double Dead and Stake Land did not.

I’m not bitching and moaning and beating my chest crying, “It’s not fair!”  True, I did put in a lot of hard work into those pieces and was looking forward to checking them out, but on the flip side, at least something got published, so I really got no right to complain.  I’m sure there were a number of reasons why they didn’t see the finish line.  Maybe the editor forgot to include them.  I know he’s had a lot on his plate lately.  Maybe the magazine didn’t have enough space for everyone’s articles and decisions had to be made about where to trim the fat.

No, I’m not upset with the magazine.  I am upset at me jumping the gun.  When I heard that the Double Dead and Stake Land reviews were slated for publication, I was so excited that I went ahead and told my friends and family.  First printed articles!  Woot woot!  And then I couldn’t help but feel a little down when I had nothing to back up all my bragging.

My friend Ashley told me that it’s not as unusual as I think.  She’s had plenty of pieces endure such fates.  That’s just something that happens.

Lesson learned: don’t go tooting your horn about an article until you see it in print.

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