Burning Out

It’s been quite a week for me, not entirely for the best.  I feel totally drained like Dracula’s been sucking me dry.  I don’t even know which Dracula, but because I’m a fan, I’m going to say it’s the Christopher Lee version.  Yeah, Chris was and still is a bad-ass.

It’s been a week of frustrated tutoring and late nights of script reading.  Luckily, I’ve lightened my writing load a bit, but when I woke up mid-morning today feeling exhausted before I even got out of bed, I knew something was off.

I think a few things need to change this week so I get back on my energetic horse for the next.  I feel like I’ve been taking too many shortcuts with work, not exactly getting lazy but not exactly being focused either.  It’s that sort of daze you get where you think you’re work is fine enough to send it without proofreading, all in an effort to turn it in more quickly and get to bed sooner.  That’s got to stop.

With writing, I should just accept that there are going to be days where I simply can’t sit down at my laptop in the morning, days where I know I’ve overslept and can’t recover that time later.  That’s why I’ve got Saturday saved as a catch-up day.

But most of all, I think I need to stop kicking myself in the ass thinking it’s a sign that I’m about to get the ax when a supervisor wants to offer feedback to improve my work.  On three separate occasions, friends of mine who’ve never met each other have said, “You’re too hard on yourself.”

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