It IS a Long Hard Road Out of Hell

A friend of mine told me about how she was having a rough day and missing deadlines like Greedo misses Han.  I felt bad for her, especially since I’ve been having a pretty slow day myself with just a little fiction work and some editing on an article.

The slow days suck.  Always have.  Always will.  It’s like any other job.  There’s not a one that’s all sunshine and puppies everyday.  If there is, tell me.  I’d love to apply.

The best thing I can recommend – and I know it’s gonna really suck ass – is to simply push on as best as you can.  Getting even a tiny bit of work might seem like nothing, but it’s that much more than you had yesterday.  More power to you.  Make sure you’re keeping the momentum in a forward direction.  If you’re regressing, then perhaps you really do need to take a day or two off to chillax.

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