Just Five Minutes

This has been a busy week, so busy that I didn’t get a chance to get any writing done until yesterday.  Even then, it wasn’t much.  I feel pretty lucky that I got in fifteen minutes.  So far, I’ve written for fifteen minutes today, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll get more in.

This is one of those “write whenever you can” kind of weeks.  Life outside of writing keeps going, especially my script-reading internship.  I won’t get to the script until tonight, but when I do, I think I can allow myself a five-minute break every quarter of it.  During that time, I’ll write my with all my cold, black heart.

It feels a little weird explaining that, but basically, I’m rewarding myself with writing time.  Each time I get through part of the script or the following coverage, in the back of my head, I say, “Congrats!  You did it!  Take a quick breath before moving on.”  Plus, I figure it’ll give me an hour of writing between the reading and the major sections of a coverage.

In Parks an Recreations lingo, taking little writing breaks is a way to treat yo self.

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