Plowing On

This last week was a really good one.  I got quite a bit of progress done on this new short story I’m working on and brainstorming a new piece for Carpe Nocturne.  I kind of dragged my feet a bit on script reading.  I was sent a pretty beefy novel that took a while to get through.  The week was tiring but I didn’t lose my optimism.

The weekend felt completely different.  I had a script that seemed to take forever for me to get through; it really didn’t take any longer than usual.  I signed up for a new class at UCLA on television writing that cost a pretty penny or two.  All in all, I just felt like I was in a total funky state.  I still got some writing to do and a little reading, but that’s pretty much it for tonight.

Roar Shack got rejected from Penumbra a few days ago, but I didn’t check my email and get the news until yesterday.  A writer friend of mine, Wendy Fontaine, kept telling me a while ago that for each rejection I ought to send a story out to two other publications.  I ended up sending Roar Shack to three magazines.

I’ve heard that editors don’t really like simultaneous submissions, and I can understand their reasons why, but the taboo be damned!  I remember submitting a story to Tor once.  It took them a year to get back to me.  There’s no way I’m sitting on ass waiting for anyone to get to me.  I’m not saying that to come off like a prima dona.  I’m saying it because I could wake up dead tomorrow.

However, if it really does bother you to send a piece to a publication that’s against simultaneous submissions, you can search Duotrope for places that allow it.  There are a surprisingly large number that do.

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