The List

This week, I felt that my new short story Q & A was ready to hit the submission meat grinder.  Well, I’m not 100% sure it’s perfect, but I think it’s ready enough for at least a first round of submissions to a few places.  I’m like that sometimes; send out a piece and if it’s universally rejected then it needs a little more fine-tuning.

I entered the story on Duotrope and started searching for publications that might be a good match.  The website said it had none.  Not one.  Now that’s odd because Duotrope has thousands of markets listed.

A few years ago, a grad school friend of mine sent me a link for the markets list on Poets and Writers Magazine‘s website.  It’s not nearly as extensive as Duotrope, but I think it’s helpful if you want to do a broader search.  You can search by genre, subgenre, format, and payment type.  They tell you whether or not a market allows for simultaneous submissions, and most of them on this list do.

Duotrope is still the #1 search platform for me, but the Poets and Writers list is a pretty solid Plan B.

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