This Week’s Been a Hurricane

Wow!  This week’s been quite a ride.  I again have a lot on my plate, especially with creative work, and it’s gotten a little overwhelming.

In addition to Roar Shack‘s acceptance, I started a new class at UCLA.  This one if for television writing, particularly fleshing out the story and getting it to the outline.  It’s surprising the journey an episode has to go through before it gets to the first page of a script.

I’ve also got two flash fiction pieces: Q & A and Where It StartsQ & A is out for submissions, and I’ll start revising Where It Starts this weekend.

Revisions continue on my novella The Coast, and I’m plotting a new longer story that I think will be a screenplay.  With all the literary work I’ve done, a script sounds like a nice change of pace.  Plus, a few of the friends I made during my internship as a reader earlier this year encouraged me to give it a try.  One of the executives said he’d be happy to give it a look even though I don’t have an agent.

“Yeah, send something over when you feel ready,” he said.  “Lord knows you’ve earned the right to.”

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