Planting My Posterior at Panera

It’s Sunday, which means I’m at Panera in Burbank for my weekly writing group.

I haven’t mentioned much about this group.  It started just a few weeks ago, but I really like it.  A lot more than the no-talk one I was in.  It’s more sociable and relaxed, and though we don’t spend the entire three-hour session chatting away (because then we wouldn’t really be working), the atmosphere doesn’t make it feel like work at all.

The one downside is that it’s not a critique group.  As one writer told me, the secret to good writing is good editing, and the secret to good editing is getting good feedback.  On the bright side, sharing work in this group is an optional thing, which means there’s no pressure to deliver.  On the other hand, I kind of miss that pressure.  It reminds me of my Antioch days when we had weekly check-ins throughout the semester.

I don’t want to be the first guy to volunteer for this, especially if others don’t want to bring their work to the table; it’s best to be a give-and-take sort of thing.  Regardless, it’s been enjoyable hanging out with other people getting their writing done.

The only thing that really does suck is the wifi.  Oh, God, does Panera have shitty wifi, which in turn makes research sessions move at a snail’s pace.

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