Hump Day

If ever there were a Wednesday that truly feels like Hump Day, it’s today.  I started a second round of internship at the company I worked for earlier this year followed by work on the Document in the afternoon, and finally class at UCLA in the evening.  And yes, I am in class right now…because I’m a rebel like that.


There’s been very little room in my writing schedule for other work this last week, which happens too often in my opinion.  But that’s life, and if you don’t like it then you’re in the wrong species.  I think I’m feeling bogged down right now because I burned through a lot of energy early in the day with the internship.

Maybe I’m just letting my brain run its mouth so I don’t accidentally nod off in the middle of class.  And if I do, thanks, guys, for putting up with me.  On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing.  Maybe it’s a lesson for everyone else.

One of my bosses – and really, when you’re an intern, everyone is your boss – but one of my bosses very unsubtly gave me some pointers, the biggest one being to never put stuff off for later.  The people who excel in the entertainment industry are the ones who get things done as quickly as possible, because you never know how much work you’ll have the next day.  So, writers, get through all you can today.  It’s one less story to edit, to brainstorm, to hound your friends for feedback over tomorrow.

Following that is another piece of advice, which is drive.  When I first met this particular boss, he seemed very hyper and all over the place.  Then again, he was also trying to get three months of work done in the month he had before leaving town.  Now, I don’t think he necessarily enjoyed being under the wire so much, but I do think he enjoys the drive.  “I wake up every day with this pent-up energy,” he said.  “I need to do something with it.”

That started catching on to me this morning.  I must have spent five or ten minutes being lazy in bed, but that was it.  I got my ass out of bed, worked out, and drove to work early enough that I was actually one of the first ones there.  I waited another ten minutes or so before calling my boss to double-check on where everyone else was.  Those ten minutes felt pretty odd because sitting around doing nothing suddenly began feeling uncomfortable.

So even though I do feel tired and ready to drop, I also feel pretty satisfied with how productive my day’s been.


How’ve you been?

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