An Uphill Week

The blog has lately become something of a neglected child, and I feel the need to apologize for that.  The fact is that working in entertainment, especially over the last month or so, has really sapped my energy.  In fact, the other night, I came home, stretched out on my bed for what I thought would be a thirty-minute nap, and then woke up at 5 AM the next morning when my alarm told me it was time to get ready for another day at the office.  Writing in general – and I feel really bad admitting this – has taken a back seat.

I’m still getting a little done here and there.  I submitted a new review to Carpe Nocturne yesterday.  I think I mentioned that the magazine was sold to a new publisher, with changes to the magazine and is submission methods, I’m keeping an eye on how that’s all working out.

That’s all I really got for now.  It’s November, so I hope those participating in NaNoWriMo are having a good month so far.  You’re halfway there!

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