I’ve slacked off on the Document lately, that compendium of knowledge that’s meant to be all the research notes I’d ever need for any project, so tonight I decided to chuck the hard copy into the trash and sift through the files I have saved on dropbox.  Besides, I had a project in mind and wanted to make sure some of the notes really were as complete as possible.

Horror of horrors!  As I began the reprinting, my printer’s ink cartridge finally ran dry.  Because ink is pretty pricey for me (yes, I’m trying to cut the fat from my expenses that bad), a friend of mine recommended I check out Cartridge World in Pasadena, which does refills at a fraction of what a shiny new replacement would demand.

So there I am going through these files anyways, and it suddenly popped in my head: why the hell am I printing this out?!

I mean, the whole point of the document, really, is for me to print out what notes I needed and then mark and annotate them according to the project at hand.  So even if I’ve got this master copy set aside, it’s just going to gather dust because it’s not meant to be marked up.

There are some notes I do need printed.  For example, I have a quartet of fictional towns in California that I’d like to set a number of stories in.  As I mark the maps with various locations, it’s unrealistic to print out a fresh copy with those handwritten notes on them, see?  But with the rest of it, I ought to think less about printing out notes and more about printing out an annotated table of contents so I can look up each item by category along with a brief summary of how it’s helpful.

In my defense, I’m a moron, but as Socrates says, the greatest knowledge is knowing you know nothing.  Which also means Jon Snow is a freakin’ genius.

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