Dumb Dumb

Today’s been a bittersweet one on the writing front.  On the one hand, I added a few pages to my sci-fi screenplay, and I feel pretty good about that.  The screenplay began a little hazy and uncertain even with an outline.  And not about twenty-five pages in, I feel like it’s really finding its feet.

But then this afternoon, TWO other stories collapsed, and that sort of double-whammy did not inspire much greatness in moi.  One of those stories, by the way, was almost as long as the screenplay, and dealt with a scenario I thought was pretty good.

The problem with one was that I didn’t care as much as I thought, and the other kept meandering.  Oddly enough, plotting has also been my enemy up until now.  Roar Shack wasn’t plotted until at least the second or third draft.

This isn’t uncharted territory for me.  It’s me revisiting the magical land of Hey-You-Screwed-Up-ia, a tyrannical kingdom at war with both Utopia and Dystopia.

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