I’m Breaking Up With Facebook (Sort Of)

For a while now, I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s worth having a writer’s page on Facebook.  It was originally started because I thought my friends were getting sick and tired of seeing me link blog posts on my personal page.  Basically, it was intended to keep separate my writing life from my personal life on Facebook.  Or something.

But the fact is that the Facebook page no longer interests me.  I’ve done nothing with it for at least a month.  It’s stagnating and I often ask, “What’s the point?”

So let me just put it out there and get to the point: my Facebook page is slated for deletion, and should be gone in about two weeks (around November 27th).

I got the idea for a writing Facebook page in an edition of Writer’s Market a few years back.  It had an article on how writers can best use social media.  Twitter was the go-to method of quick social engagement with audiences.  Blogs are how you showcase yourself like the ladies do in Amsterdam’s red-light district.  But the Facebook page?  I never quite grasped it.  I just assumed it had to be done.

Here I am three years later, and the only activity I do on the page is when a new blog post goes up.  The torrent of activity has all but died, and I felt bad about it, almost guilty, like a fellow who should take his grandmother off life support but can’t seem to justify it.

Seeking a solution to my issue, I stumbled across this Huffington Post article tonight.  In a nutshell, you don’t need a Facebook page.  It’s really aimed for people with a considerable following.  Hundreds at the least.  Thousands for sure.  Millions?  Well, if you’ve got millions of fans and still question the need for such a page, then you need your head checked.

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