Where I’ve Been (AKA The Obligatory “I’m NOT Dead” Post)

It’s been well over a month since my last post in early-July.  And just because that last post came out on my birthday and I’m old like Grandpa Potato-Head, that doesn’t mean I’ve kicked the bucket.

Truth is I’ve just been very busy trying to balance my day job with writing and working on several short stories and prepping a novel, and trying to cut out a little me time.  So this isn’t so much an “I’m not dead” post as it is a “I’m sorry I’ve been screwing up on the blog” post.  Sucks twice as much since I do enjoy writing this blog, and hope you, dear reader, have enjoyed reading it.

Like I said, I’ve got several short story projects on my plate, and on top of that, I’ve reorganized my home office.  It’s a nice set-up, real focused.  I might even write a post about what I’ve learned for those looking spruce up their own crib.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I just came up with a post idea.  Oh, and I used the term “crib” ’cause part of me thinks MTV might have some life in it yet.

Also, I ought to confess that a lot of times, ideas for blog posts don’t just pop into my head out of nowhere.  I’m going to have to dust off my old copies of Writer’s Market and go over advice for blogging.  You’d think I’ve have this all figured out after a few years, but that just goes to show you a periodic refresher can do some good.

Fingers crossed, I won’t fall off the wagon again though I probably will because, like you, I’m only human…at least until the DNA test results come back.

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