Winding Down 2016

Hi, all.

Here we are close to the end of 2016, and I just wanted to give you a heads-up that I’m winding down and signing off for most of the rest of the year.  Not quitting though!

Between the holidays and the day job, I realized tonight that I’ve also got five stories I’ve been putting off revising.  It’s been a very productive year for me, but I need to take a breather and make sure I’m going into the next year with a clear head.

I’m returning to a long writing project and plan on having a first draft done by the end of March, so I also hope to have these shorter pieces done and submitted by then.  Again, I need to do much better updating this blog (hmmmm…a New Year’s resolution perhaps?).  I’m happy I wrote a lot this year, but know now that I wrote the way Bush Jr. invaded Iraq, with no strategy whatsoever to handle it once I was in deep.  Hence the metaphorical brake pedal.

There’s a lot I’d like to do in the year ahead, so now’s the time to start getting my head around it.

I hope you all have a fun holiday, a relaxing one, and I’ll see you in 2017.

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