Yes, I’m Still Alive

Wow! It’s been months since my last blog entry. Never mind you guys wondering if I’m alive. Is anyone out there still awake?
The last couple of months have been very busy and hectic. I’ve been trying to get a better grip on the work-life-writing balance. The day job has been overwhelming this spring, and I find myself too tired in the evening to write, let alone blog.
I also had a bit of a breakdown about a month ago that included a panic attack lasting an entire weekend. Yes, even in my sleep. It ended with me completely rearranging my home office and resolving to go a bit more analog. Working off of my computer is a necessity, but analog has its benefits too. I haven’t felt as connected to my writing as I did last year when I drafted story after story in notebooks.
And yes, I do need to do a better job with the blog. That much I get. I’ve had people tell me in person that they’re waiting for the next post.
On the bright side, I have made a good amount of progress with my novel. I’ve begun a new short story, and managed to identify themes that are important to me. More on that later. Still got a bunch of stuff to finish before the day’s end.
Just wanted to let you all know I was still here, and thanks for bearing with me.

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