So here’s the deal: I haven’t updated this site since February – which is, like, a hundred million years in computer time – and some ideas to make it better come to mind.

First, I’m finally agreeing to cough up the $4 per month to switch from WordPress’s freemium to the personal plan that’ll double my storage space should I need it, allow for a customized domain name, and get rid of the glaring ads that some people have kindly-yet-indelicately mentioned.  *Cough, cough, Svenjamin, cough, cough*  I might also revamp the site with a new template.  I’m looking at different options.

Second and more importantly, I’ve taken a hard look at the content and decided to branch out more on what I’m blogging about rather than just writing-centric topics.  One of the reasons why I haven’t written new posts in a while is because I don’t really have that much to say about the act of writing.  In fact, I had a previous post several months ago about different things I’d like to write about.  On top of that, I feel like I’ve boxed myself into making my posts fit a certain niche, neglecting to express myself personally with mentally unhealthy results.

Oh, and there’s something else: I’m going to start publishing some of my stories here directly.  Getting feedback from people has thinking it would make for a good creative outlet.  That’s not to say I’ve given up traditional publication routes entirely, just that I’m looking at stories on a case-by-case basis to decide whether or not something feels like self-publication is a better fit.  It’s also not to say that what I will self-publish is random and unpolished.  I still have standards for myself.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now and what’s on the horizon.

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