Apple, I’m Leaving You

I never worked for Apple, so I can’t really leave them.  But as a customer?  Yeah, I’ve had it.  I’ve had it with them for a while.  Even though money is tight, I’m in need of a serious upgrade.  Actually, upgrade sounds like a minor remodeling to your.  What I need is a brand new house.

I’m working off of a Macbook Pro that’s about ten years old – ancient for a computer – so that alone is reason enough to look into some new tech.  It has grown monumentally slow, taking a tremendous amount of time to open applications and files and save work in progress.  Even now, it’s acting jittery as I try searching through a separate tab on my web browsers  On top of that, my day job has me spending more time on a PC than a Mac, and I’ve warmed up to what Microsoft has done over the years.

But I’ve also had a few problems with Apple since before Steve Jobs such as their need to create an Apple-centric ecosystem.  That’s understandable.  As a company, they want to make it so that everyone everywhere is using their products.  Except not everyone does in the real world.

I started thinking about this Apple-to-PC conversion several months ago.  Having spent 10 years on a Macbook, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to venture back into the strange universe of Bill Gates’s making.  So I started doing some research online and came across a series of articles by one Seamus Bellamy.  If you’re in the same boat as I am, this series is pretty much the guide I’ve used to help me prepare for this switch.  If Bellamy can switch to PC after twenty years of Apple, then there’s hope for me.  By the way, the lengthy web address in that link?

Yeah, no, my Macbook won’t even let me copy and paste that anymore.  Had to write it down and then type it out.  But I digress.

First thing’s first, what am I looking for in a new computer?  It has to at least match what I’m doing now, namely working on a word processor, Excel documents, Dropbox storage, emails and scheduling.  Office-y type of stuff.  Additionally, I edit photos from time to time.  Those little memes I occasionally post on Twitter are all made by yours truly.  I’ve also expressed before that I’d like to get back into gaming, something that Apple is getting better at, but has yet to outmatch a PC.  My Macbook has also functioned like a desktop for the last year and a half, but it still has the limited capabilities of a laptop.

After looking around at a few different electronics stores to get options and pricing, I’ve settled on the Dell Inspirion gaming desktop.  It’s not exactly cheap, but much more affordable than a brand new top-of-the-line Mac.  It has twice the RAM, twice the storage, twice the processing power.  Shit, twice of everything, basically.

I’m not going to immediately trash my Macbook, by the way.  I still plan to keep it on hand just in case something goes wrong with the Dell, and there are a number of files I need to save and transfer, but if all goes smoothly, then its days could be numbered.

Off to the market, I go.

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