Mac-to-PC: The Great Conversionalizing

Greetings from the new computer!

I thought I’d write this feeling like Tony Stark in an Afghan cave.  Turns out that Microsoft made set up freakishly simple.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon getting things set-up – still working on it, actually – but I wanted to share the progress before I pass out.

First, my bank account isn’t going to like me for a while.  That’s not to say I couldn’t afford this.  It’d be stupid to even try unless I was certain I could.  But with the computer running a solid $660, the speakers $50, and then the antiviral program and two-year warranty, it added up.  Still, considering that desktop Macs are go for at least $1,500 (really high-end versions are over $2k), I’d call it a bargain.

As far as getting the computer put together, it was literally as simple as unboxing and plugging it in.  It even came with a mouse and keyboard.  Nothing extravagant, just something to help get you started if you didn’t have them already.

Connecting my monitor was the one snag.  I have an old Dell.  It’s from my grad school days, so it’s easily about as old as my Macbook, or about ten years.  Still functions beautifully, except it couldn’t plug into the computer.  It has only DVI (Digital Visual Interface) and VGA (Video Graphics Array) connections, not the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) like the new computer.  My first thought was, “Oh, crap!  Now I have to get a new monitor.”  Cost aside, I just didn’t want to have to get rid of an otherwise good screen.  Luckily, the Office Depot I got the computer from had a VGA-HDMI adapter as well as a VGA cable (I’d lost the original years ago).  The VGA cable is an anaconda though.  Ten feet when I needed to cover just four or five tops.  So there’s going to be some cable management tomorrow for sure.

The speakers were very easy to come by too, a Logitech Z323 that has two speakers for the desktop and a little subwoofer to go underneath.  I think they’re pretty good.  I’m listening to music on them right now.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a computer attached to a subwoofer that I forgot how right it makes a sound.  Even on low volume, it’s got quite a kick.

Making the software switch from my Macbook to the Dell has been pretty smooth too, but I think that’s largely because I’d already been weaning myself off of Apple’s proprietary apps and programs for a while.  I am having some issues connecting my Google account to Windows 10, but I’m already used to accessing it through Chrome.  And in writing this post, I’ve also noticed that WordPress is having a couple of hiccups with auto-save, but I think that might be because I’m installing other programs at the moment too.  There are a few programs I had to seek out and download like Dropbox and Photoscape X (I use that for photo editing).  iTunes, thankfully, is available for PC, and my media library is still here.

So all in all, getting the computer was about as exciting as mundane as getting a package of toilet paper, and I think that’s the point.  See, getting a computer back when I was in high school or college was a really complicated matter.  At least in my household, we had to assemble the machines and program the network whereas now manufacturers make it as easy as possible to get the consumer underway.

I’m still not looking forward to dealing with all the cables though.  Oh, how I hates the cables.

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