Aspirations and Procrastination

I was listening to a podcast the other day on minimalism featuring an interview with Joshua Fields Milburn, one half of the famed Minimalists duo with Ryan Nicodemus, and he said something that stuck in my head: “Aspire is a synonym for procrastinate.” In my last post, I admitted that I had gone so long without […]

Where the Hell Have I Been?

Even I’m surprised.  I Thought the last article I posted was in February.  It was actually in June.  So really, where the hell have I been? It’s been a combination of a heavy workload at my day job and some life-changes, the biggest of which is that I moved out of Los Angeles to San […]

It’s Okay to be You

A few days ago, I was texting Ashley, a friend of mine from grad school, that I had fallen a bit out of touch with.  We’re not on bad terms; we’ve both been very busy and just haven’t crossed paths in a long time.  When she asked how I was doing, I admitted that I’ve […]

Mac-to-PC: The Great Conversionalizing

Greetings from the new computer! I thought I’d write this feeling like Tony Stark in an Afghan cave.  Turns out that Microsoft made set up freakishly simple.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon getting things set-up – still working on it, actually – but I wanted to share the progress before I pass out. First, […]

Apple, I’m Leaving You

I never worked for Apple, so I can’t really leave them.  But as a customer?  Yeah, I’ve had it.  I’ve had it with them for a while.  Even though money is tight, I’m in need of a serious upgrade.  Actually, upgrade sounds like a minor remodeling to your.  What I need is a brand new […]


So here’s the deal: I haven’t updated this site since February – which is, like, a hundred million years in computer time – and some ideas to make it better come to mind. First, I’m finally agreeing to cough up the $4 per month to switch from WordPress’s freemium to the personal plan that’ll double […]

Damn, That’s Boring

Oh, god, do I hate the new story I’m working on. I started it yesterday and got several pages into it.  As I’m writing it, I know it’s got a destination and an ending that I’m working towards.  Seven pages in a day is pretty good, but after the first few pages, I began telling […]