It’s Okay to be You

A few days ago, I was texting Ashley, a friend of mine from grad school, that I had fallen a bit out of touch with.  We’re not on bad terms; we’ve both been very busy and just haven’t crossed paths in a long time.  When she asked how I was doing, I admitted that I’ve […]

Mac-to-PC: The Great Conversionalizing

Greetings from the new computer! I thought I’d write this feeling like Tony Stark in an Afghan cave.  Turns out that Microsoft made set up freakishly simple.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon getting things set-up – still working on it, actually – but I wanted to share the progress before I pass out. First, […]

Apple, I’m Leaving You

I never worked for Apple, so I can’t really leave them.  But as a customer?  Yeah, I’ve had it.  I’ve had it with them for a while.  Even though money is tight, I’m in need of a serious upgrade.  Actually, upgrade sounds like a minor remodeling to your.  What I need is a brand new […]


So here’s the deal: I haven’t updated this site since February – which is, like, a hundred million years in computer time – and some ideas to make it better come to mind. First, I’m finally agreeing to cough up the $4 per month to switch from WordPress’s freemium to the personal plan that’ll double […]

Damn, That’s Boring

Oh, god, do I hate the new story I’m working on. I started it yesterday and got several pages into it.  As I’m writing it, I know it’s got a destination and an ending that I’m working towards.  Seven pages in a day is pretty good, but after the first few pages, I began telling […]

The Idea Book

Stephen King once said, “The writer’s notebook is the best way to immortalize bad ideas.”  And sure, I’ll be bold enough to say it: Mr. King, I humbly disagree.  Not like he and I have had this debate in person.  If we did, that would be pretty damn awesome. I think that, in addition to […]